Speaking skills for life

Communi-Confidence, Speaking Skills for Life is an opportunity for people of all ages to improve public speaking skills.

The Eppes-Jefferson Foundation operates Communi-Confidence in collaboration with like-minded charitable organizations:

  • Charitable organizations provide physical space and enthusiastic participants.
  • Eppes-Jefferson Foundation conducts the workshops.
  • There is no charge to organizations or attendees.

Do you feel nervous, even terrified while speaking to a group?

Do you worry about what others think of you when you speak?

Are you shy when it comes to speaking publicly?

Then Communi-Confidence is for you!

Communi-Confidence will teach you to trust yourself when speaking to groups of people and give you tools to grow your speaking skills.

Anyone, at any age, can get more comfortable speaking to people.

What’s the value for you?

Speaking confidence, trust in yourself.

Ability to connect, influence, and lead.

Communication skills for academic and career worlds.

The Goal

Learn to speak comfortably to groups


Trust yourself, build and maintain speaking skills.


Speaking well has immense value and feels great!

Communi-Confidence Fundamentals

Program activities are designed to boost your abilities in the following areas:

Trusting yourself.

Recognize skills you already have. Develop a speaker’s mindset. Practice until speaking to groups becomes second nature.

Connecting with your audience.

Pay attention to eye contact, body language, volume, tone, and audience reaction.

Speaking, not reading.

Speak to the group, using only a few notes as needed. Our focus is on speaking in the moment rather than on writing and reading speeches word for word.

Communi-Confidence: What to Expect

During our program, we will coach you to sound and feel your best speaking to groups. With practice, speaking to groups can be as easy as sending a text or chatting with a friend. Drills may include:

Me in Three: I am…I like…I believe…

Easy-Peasy: Use Speech “Building Blocks” to Form your Message

Eyes Meet, Minds Meet: Connect through Eye Contact

Your Personal Remote Control: It’s About Volume

Do – Re – Mi: It’s About Pitch

Say as you See: Using Words to Describe Things

My Mind to Yours: Describing a Mental Image

One Step After Another: Giving Sequential Instructions

Speak your Mind in a Minute: 1-Minute Talk Using Your New Tools

The Microphone is my Friend: Amplify in Big Spaces

Comments from Communi-Confidence Participants

“You made me feel welcome.”

 “Helps you express yourself in a clear and concise manner.”

 “I felt very comfortable with everyone and hated to see the workshop end.”

 “It is hands-on and engaging.”

“I like the approach . . . more about speaking in the moment, not memorizing.”

“Practice, practice, practice … that was confidence building.”

“Great job – this was very comfortable and enjoyable. Let’s plan another workshop.”

“As the Executive Director of a local nonprofit organization, I have had the pleasure of working on the ground with a broad range of youth, some of whom struggle with social anxiety and difficulty building relationships through verbal communication. Over the last five years we have provided a safe and supportive environment for all who enter our center, and recently have implemented Communi-Confidence as a workshop for our youth and volunteers. Our sessions have been a tremendous success with many of our youth up and talking more boldly than they had before. They were able to speak with ease, make eye contact, and learn basic communication skills.  For our youth, it was a tremendous confidence boost, in helping them learn skills, but also find confidence in their own voice. The seed that was planted from these workshops, has continued to grow, and we look forward to continuing to partner with The Eppes-Jefferson Foundation through its Communi-Confidence program for many more years to come!”

Communi-Confidence Participating Organization Executive Director

Interested in the Communi-Confidence program?