About the Eppes-Jefferson Foundation

A private foundation founded by William D. Eppes to support the arts, historical preservation, and education

We define our target areas broadly in allocating resources. The arts include music and dance, language and theatre, and fine arts. Historical preservation honors aspects of the past. Education is any form of growth in skills or knowledge. Since Mr. Eppes reserved his greatest passion for the arts, the foundation’s highest priority is supporting arts programs that also educate participants or honor the past.

Our mindset and mission

We believe the arts should…

Inspire, entertain, foster camaraderie

Build confidence, communication, teamwork, leadership…

Honor the past and foreshadow the future.

Our mission:

Building Life Skills through the Arts.

Learn More About Our Current Programs

The Eppes-Jefferson Foundation operates two programs in collaboration with like-minded charitable organizations:

The collaboration works like this:

  • Charitable organizations provide physical space and enthusiastic participants.
  • Eppes-Jefferson Foundation conducts the workshops.
  • There is no charge to organizations or attendees.

About David & Sharon Ward, Co-Executive Directors

David and Sharon Ward, Co-Executive Directors

David and Sharon Ward are New Hampshirites, having lived most of their lives in Cheshire County. They owned Ward Legal Group PC, an estate planning and elder law firm in Keene, NH, for 41 years where they worked closely with Mr. Eppes beginning in the year 2000.

In 2021 David and Sharon retired from law practice and moved to Brentwood, New Hampshire to be closer to their three adult children and four grandchildren. David and Sharon continue to serve as co-executive directors of The Eppes-Jefferson Foundation, working to broaden the impact of the arts on everyday lives.

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