A private foundation helping to build life skills through the arts

Participating in the arts will brighten your day, and may even change your life. The Eppes-Jefferson Foundation prioritizes arts programs that deliver life skills and lasting experiences.

Our Strategies

Find or create viable arts programs

Develop relationships with like-minded grantees

Build capacity of underdog grantees showing likelihood of success

Broaden access to the arts

I accompanied my mother to whatever live performances were offered, vaudeville, theatre, circus or opera, had some experience “on the boards” myself, but came to the conclusion I would rather pay my admission, relax and relish the occasion from the more comfortable side of the footlights.”

William D. Eppes, Founder

Participating in the arts will brighten your day, and may even change your life.

Although entertainment in the moment is a worthy objective, arts programs also deliver life skills and lasting experiences.

What is the difference between entertainment in the moment and a lasting experience? One is transient and the other becomes a part of you.  One passes in and out of thought in real time, the other resurfaces indefinitely in meaningful ways. How may we transform entertainment in the moment into life experiences?

Taking part in music, dance, fine arts, or theatre begins with fun or camaraderie. The bonus of learning transferable skills like discipline, teamwork, and leadership is recognized later.  How may we accelerate awareness of the life skills bonus for greater effect?

William Eppes, Founder

William D. Eppes was “an ever-aspirant writer, civic worker, preservationist, William and Mary alumnus and enthusiast, a theatre, art, classical music, pug dog and humanities ‘nut”’ who attended his first play as a child of the 1920’s. . . .

“We are inspired by the passion and expertise of our grantee partners! Meeting with members of an organization, hearing their stories of challenges and success, and working jointly to address needs is key to achieving mutual objectives. Our heartfelt thanks to the dedicated individuals who operate our grantee partner organizations. We hope to Collaborate . . . Innovate . . . Actuate.”

– Sharon Ward, Co-Executive Director

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